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I moved from a 2,600 sq-ft home to a 4,000 sq-ft Steve Epps Custom Home over 10 years ago, a little nervous about my electricity bill. I've been amazed that my cost for almost twice as much home is almost identical to my previous home due to the construction with highly efficient materials.”

– Darrel

West Houston builder Steve Epps Custom Homes is recognized as Certified Green Professionals by the standards established through the Greater Houston Builders Association. Our homes push the envelope to leverage technology for convenience and efficiencies. This impacts windows, vents, the fireplace, water conservation, and other features to create to 50% savings.

Certified Green ProfessionalImagine an attic that is within 3-10 degrees of your living space temperatures.

Keeping up with the industry changes is one of our specialties, so we can educate home buyers in the best and most cost effective way to give great operational results.”

– Steve Epps

The Epps home is more energy efficient than the house next door because the house incorporates a state-of-the-art ‘conditioned attic’ in its design. Our open cell spray foam insulation is applied on the underside of the roof deck and on the attic vertical walls and exterior walls to keep the hot air out and cool air in. This prevents the AC from struggling to overcome a 150-degree temperature load in the attic during the summer months.

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The noise reduction properties of the foam insulation are the result of sealing every crack and crevice and providing an airtight environment that is not possible with traditional fiber insulation.

Efficiencies and more

The HVAC and insulation give you the most cost effective energy efficient system available on the market. Additionally, the Epps home furnace is a safer unit with intake and exhaust piped outside the building envelope, so efficient that PVC pipe can be used for the exhaust pipe. Epps homes are also healthier in that the foam seal minimizes the potential for mold and mildew.

Why foam insulation?

Other green features include: