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  1. What is the Steve Epps difference?
    Most builders, even custom builders, recycle ideas and repeat features and materials for the sake of time and cost savings. Steve Epps Custom Homes approaches each and every house as an original, a masterpiece customized to each owner. We use premium materials and techniques with finite attention to every detail, and we pride ourselves for being accessible partners with our families throughout the entire building process. Another huge differentiator is our use of state-of-the-art foam insulation that creates a healthier and more energy efficient environment.

  2. What is the process to develop a floor plan?
    We have several proven designers and architect resources to give you, and typically enjoy the process of working as a team to customize each home specifically to each buyer.

  3. How do we choose a lot?
    You may have purchased a lot when you contact us, but, if not, we love to be involved from the very beginning to consult with you about slope, tree placement, exposure and anything else that might impact the building and the cost.

  4. What other consultation do you provide?
    Financing is chosen by each home buyer, but we are happy to provide several proven resources for your consideration.

  5. How long does the building phase typically take?
    From the outset of construction, homes usually take 6-18 months, depending on the size and complexity of the floorplan. Our clients will be quick to confirm that Steve Epps Custom Homes will tightly manage subcontractors and schedules through regular visits and ongoing communication.

  6. What is behind the pricetag of our home?
    We appreciate precision building and precision planning, and strive to be extremely thorough to prevent you from having any surprises. Our ideal process includes the builder’s input from the very beginning, and includes the creation of a preliminary plan, a check-set meeting to establish a line item budget and precise figures for the home features you desire, which leads to the development and approval of a final plan. Very few builders work by a line item budget, but we believe it is the best system for understanding the true cost of building, and we are happy to help guide your preferences accordingly to stay in your budget. We put our buyers in the driver's seat and offer a wide range of customization levels, accordingly.

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