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We know that homes are the biggest investment a family typically makes in life, and therefore we do not want our homeowners to settle for any shortcuts that might affect the home’s performance. Having builders involved in the design process from the very beginning allows us to steer the design in a direction that will accommodate the budget. We have a time-tested system of building premier home sites—from the ground up—with premium materials and craftsmanship. Get the scoop first hand by talking with any homebuyers on our long list of references.

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Proper scheduling can save time and interest on the customer’s construction loan.”

– Steve Epps

Steve Epps Custom Homes makes the homebuilding experience a pleasure, beginning with the first consultation when homebuyers are encouraged to dream big—and request whatever features and amenities that would enrich their lifestyle. As a starting point see these sample floorplans (floorplan 1, floorplan 2, floorplan 3, and floorplan 4) to get your creative juices flowing. The process includes design and cost budgeting, financial guidance and a complete explanation of the building process from beginning to end. See the Q&A section.


Transforming the customer’s vision into reality is a day-to-day experience that involves our customer in every step of the way.”

– Steve Epps

We believe in personal attention every step of the way. From the very first meeting, we work to transform your ideas into elegant touches and finishes that enrich your daily life. We avoid many obstacles that might otherwise slow the process down, by working closely with the homeowner. We are onsite daily and consider our availability to be essential—and ongoing.


Our suppliers and contractors have worked with our company for decades, having proven to be in alignment with our high standards of excellence. Steve Epps Custom Homes has a legacy of being choosy: only the premium products, techniques and materials that command utmost in customer satisfaction will do!