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Making any cook appear to be a gourmet chef.

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I am an architect so I am a big fan of Steve Epps’ high quality construction and craftsmanship. When we walked around to do a punchlist for the completion of my home, I discovered Steve is every bit as particular as I am, so I had nothing to write down on the TO DO list.”

– Darrel

With a legacy of over 200 specialized “calling cards,” Steve Epps’ virtual tours and this gallery showcase some of the special flair that can be found in every Steve Epps home in West Houston, Katy and Fulshear. From comfortable and picturesque outdoor spaces to the tiniest detail featured in the woodwork design, the Steve Epps touch is visible in the quality and uniqueness of these special accents. Our homes are fully loaded with premium sound and LED lighting systems, oversized garages, and even have in-wall vacuum systems. Our most “customized” home was built in Fulbrook as a 2-in-1 duplex type home for widow roommates to each have a master bedroom suite.

Our attention to detail is evident in picturesque landscaping, unique ceilings, auto bug control, and flagstone instead of slate. We take time to “punch out” the framing during construction, as these photos demonstrate.